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Change Agent Radio

Welcome to Change Agent Radio, the podcast made for entrepreneurs who see real estate not only as a job, but as a vehicle of change. Create your life on your own terms. We are forward thinkers, industry leaders, relentless pursuers of growth who lead with purpose, live with passion, and are determined to change the world.

We challenge complacency, ignore the ordinary, reject the average and defy the mundane. If you're fed up with misinformation, mediocrity, and the status quo, if you want to list more homes, sell more homes, have more time and impact more lives than this show is for you. I'm Jay Berube, Real Estate Agent, coach, entrepreneur, husband, father, and change agent. This is Change Agent Radio.

May 29, 2019

Another entertaining role play with Jay and Mark on today’s Live Role Play.  

Jay shows you how to use two different database scripts that work like a boss.

The “Calling To Apologize Script.” and the “thinking about you” script.

In addition Jay will show you how to preframe your prospects to say yes to the appointment by answering yes questions over and over throughout your conversation, PLUS [yes there’s more!] how to answer the hardest question that your prospects will ask.